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Here I Go Again - only w your help though

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I am a newbie to this site and the concept of animated lighting in general, but that wont deter me. What I am not a newbie to is the thought of putting something amazing together for children and adults to enjoy together and leave great memories, while creating a tradition for all to look back on and enjoy. Over my many years of working with children in a non-profit, I built a 40 acre halloween event for kids that raises money for their organization so it stays affordable to the 7,000 kids that need and use it....major effort over 6 months of construction and execution for 16 days in October - sound familiar?

My eyes are now set on creating something new and the animated christmas light approach is it - wow am I impressed and amazed at what I see!! My babbling is all to get to the point of I would truly appreciate your help and advice on and that is how do I get started on creating something amazing like you have. I live on 10 acres and the sky is the limit for me - over time I assume. I can imagine having cars drive through my property in a zig zag enjoying create scenes.

A few questions:

1. Where do I start?

2. Are their companies, consultants or just plain good idea guys that I can hire to get me started if I want to get big quickly?

3. What you guys have created is unbelievable and how much does this cost??


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A good place to start is the lorwiki and the lor support page.

The cost varies greatly... Some people start with kits and solder the boards themselves. Others go directly to the ShowTime products that are ready to plug in... Cost will of course vary greatly depending on the route taken.

One other thing to remember about cost is things like extension cords. When you go animated you will typically use 10 times the number of extension cords.

You have seen what people have done so you should try and envision your own home and how you would like it to dance to the music.

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