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CC Bulb/Pixel Visualizer work-around

Ron Boyd

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I think I’ve figured out a way to see your CCBulb/Pixel sequence in the visualizer. At least a band-aid until Visualizer support comes out for the CCBulb/Pixel . It involves a little extra work, but you can see what it does in the visualizer when you play the sequence. I’m not sure if the special effects, i.e. Macros and color effect, etc. will work. I’m still not grasping that part. I’m sequencing my CCBulb/Pixel like the regular channels.

Here goes: (please someone correct me if I mis-state something)

Step 1:

I created two CCRs for the Sequence editor. (not CCBulb/Pixel. We’ll do that later). It will effectively create 2 sets of 50 RGB channels and Special effect channels. Number them sequentially. (mine are controllers #6 & #7 and I’ll reference them later)

Step 2:

Create 2 CCRs for the visualizer and set them up to match the controller #’s you just created in the Sequence editor.

Step 3:

Sequence the CCRs like you normally would. Save the sequence. (I can actually see the sequence played out in the visualizer on the CCR fixtures)

Now is where the extra work comes in.

Create another sequence editor file with a CCBulb/Pixel (as opposed to the CCR) and the sequence created above still open.

Copy and paste the timings.

Now, copy and paste CCR#6 into the “CCB s1” position and then,

copy and paste CCR #7 into “CCB s2” position. Save the new file and it should be ready for the CCB/P

I haven’t tested it yet with the actual CC Pixel, (mine still hasn’t arrived) but I think it will work.

If someone has their CCBulb/Pixel in hand, maybe you can try it out and see if it works. Or, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Hope this helps and I haven't confused anybody. I’ve been pulling my hair out for a couple of days to figure this out.


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