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Nutcracker: new release, target generator


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A few people have said that my current target generator uses all the pixels of a string, but will cause them to have to bring the controllers half way up a strand. They asked for the ability to always start a new string at the bottom of the rgb device. Doing this basically means that i will ignore any extra pixels that will not make a complete strand.

I have implemented this feature.

An example always speaks better:
2 strings with 17 pixels each. This will keep screen shots small.

Notice the new prompt "Do you want your strings to always start at the bottom of your RGB device?"


Because we answered "Y" to the last prompt, this is what we get.


Notice we are only using 15 of the 17 pixels , because we will not wrap them partially down the next strand., Note, all strings start at the bottom.

While doing this change, i also modified the target display. It made no sense for the bottom of your display to be on the left side of the table and the top to be the right side. Now the top of your RGB device is the top of the table.

Now, i go back and change the last prompt to "N". This means , use all pixels in every string even though a string could start part way up a strand.


Hopefully this gives you all a target generator that matches how you build RGB devices.


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