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What a fantastic first year this was. It was sad taking it all down. It was alot of work but it pays off in a minute when people come knock on your door and thank you for the musical light show. My mind has gone non stop since Christmas on what I am going to do next year. I have purchased over 15,000 new lights thanks to walmart, target and home depot after christmas specials. I still have my eye on home depot, they still have quite a bit and I am hopeing to catch them at 75 percent off :). I want to say thanks to everyone who posts here, I found myself visiting this chatroom every evening to see what people where chatting about. Does everyone do new music every year? I think i am going to use some from this year but will add new also. I found out early on that I suck at sequencing new songs myself, just cant seem to get the hang of it. Most all of my sequences came from people here willing to share and lorsequences.com. I was able to tweek those sequences to fit my lights quite nicely I thought. If anyone is not going to use there sequences again, dont let them go to waste, I would love to give them a try with my lights, anyone willing to share email is christmaslights@charter.net . Well thanks again for all the info shared here, I cant wait till next year.

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