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Nutcracker: New release, Matrix target


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There are lots of changes with this release on the target generation.

1) I changed the prompts from 16 to 7. I had an "aha" that allows this reduction. I will explain it in a future tutorial.
2) GIF's now autoscale. The more pixels in your RGB device, the larger the gif. This allows comparing smaller and larger tree counts.
3) Any number of folds now allowed in the target generation.
4) A string does not need to be divisible by the folds evenly. Take a 100 pixel string and fold 3 times, the extra 10 pixels wrap to the 4th strand.
5) The target generator only shows your strings and pixels (No more 'Nutcracker Pixels')
6) The target generator colors your strings. You can use this for building instructions
7) Matrix is now activated! So you have mega-tree, matrix and ray. Ray will create something , but the dimensions are wrong. Future release will fully fix Ray also.
8) If your target is missing a file, your target will be shown in RED. To fix any RED lines, just click on your target and re-submit the form in the TARGET screen.


9) if you are making Matrix displays always set your display window to 360 degrees.

So, how does the Matrix look as compared to the Mega-Tree?

This is going to show 16 strings of 100 pixels folded in different ways. Other than the folds, all other settings are the same.
username f
user_target AA_MATRIX7
effect_class butterfly
effect_name FLY_0_0_MATRIX
window_degrees 360
frame_delay 50
sparkles 0
seq_duration 5
formula 1
radian_shift .05
start_color #FFFFFF
end_color #FFFFFF
background_chunk #FFFFFF
background_skip #FFFFFF
background_color #000000
submit Submit Form to create your effect
OBJECT_NAME butterfly

Matrix, 3 fold

Matrix, 4 fold

Matrix, 7 fold

Matrx, 4 fold. text example

Matrix, 4 fold. Meteor example

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