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CCPs and what to do with them

Ron Boyd

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I haven’t received my CCPixels yet, but I already feel torn for what to do with them. My initial thought was to do 4 arches @ 25 pixels each. As I was going through some old information that I’ve found, I ran across SWood’s, CCR Spiral tree and remembered how cool that was. Now I don’t know which one to do.

As my display stands right now, I have a 10 ft., 16 channel Weber spiral planned and built, minus the lights, using flaloop’s PVC design and then the 4 arches using the CCP (partially built). My dilemma is that I really liked the CCR Spiral tree, and I really don’t like the way the CCP arches look in the Visualizer. Of course, actually seeing the arches in action may change my mind.

Has anybody done arches and a spiral tree using CCRs, both elements in their display, and if so, do you have a video that shows both in action?

Always Planning,


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OK. Got the source for the Spiral CCR Tree wrong. The CCR Spiral is on shannonclaus.com. Sorry for the mix-up SWood.

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