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I downloaded the Light O Rama software today and have been messing with it.

I, for the life of me, cannot get my Wizards of Winter into MP3 format! :D I am so gosh darn irritated.

I ended up downloading Yahoo Music Box (via LOR support PDF file) spent $20 on that - for it ending up being the WRONG THING!!!!!!!!! So then, I had to go and download MUSICMATCH JUKEBOX for another stinkin' $20! (that's $40!!) AND THEN.....I had to download WIZARDS OF WINTER to get it with the sequence (Free from LOR) that I wanted to see how it all worked together. (That was only .99!)

BUT NOW, I thought everything downloaded in MP3 format from Musicmatch and obviously it doesn't because NOW I have WIZARDS OF WINTER in WMA format and have downloaded 2 converters and NOTHING IS WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it is time I get off of here..........and come back with a fresh brain. Anyone want to help?

I am specifically needing the wizards of winter song MP3 format.

I have company coming soon so will be back on a bit later to see if I have replies.

Randi :devil: :devil:

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