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Complete and large Display for Sale in NorCal


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After a great deal of deliberation on my part I have decided it is time for me to step away from doing my light display and focus my attention on some of my other hobbies which have been on the back burner for years. All equipment and lights are very well taken care of as I'm pretty anal retentive about things.

I would prefer to sell my display as a lot, preferably to someone in the northern California area due to the bulk and quantity involved. If there are no takers, then I will consider selling off things piece by piece.

Here's a run-down of some of the MAJOR items I have:
17 LOR controllers (2-CTB16D, 11-CTB16PC, 3-CTB08, 1-CMB16D DC)
(all with enclosures, DC unit includes a modified PC power supply)
4 Easy Light Linkers
1 USB-RS485 Signal booster/splitter
1 Professional grade FM transmitter
3 20' arches with 9 channels each and 1800 clear lights
3 6' trees with 600 each C/R/G lights
2 9' trees with 3100 lights each split between C/R/G
9 3' mini trees w/ 700 lights each split between C/R/G
1 2'x12' rope light sign "Happy Holidays"
1 48" Radio station frequency sign freestanding and backlit (easily changed)
A pair of 8' tall wire frame rope light snowmen (8 channel snowball fight)
10 easel-type mini trees w 300' multi colored lights each
A pole-mounted steel safe donation box with mounting base
50+ 2" LED spot lights (Wirecat) in weatherproof enclosures
8 LED Rainbow wall wash floods
4 LED Rainbow floods in enclosures
6 48" light-up "North Poles"
5 NEW IN BOX 6' trees
108 Pro-grade LED 100ct light strings NEW IN BOX (Creative)
48 Pro-grade LED 70ct light strings NEW IN BOX (Seasonal/2009)
A mile-plus of electrical cords from SPT-1 up to heavy 12 gauge

I have tons of other LED lights which I used for no more than two seasons. Tons of incandescants including +/- 90 boxes of NIB clears. Tons of rope light and accessories, including two 3-wire controllers. Lots of SPT-1 plugs/connectors.100's of LED dimmable retrofit C9 bulbs. You get the idea.

Again I would like to try and sell locally as this stuff would fill a 12' flatbed truck. I can also work out delivery in the Bay Area on my truck if needed. I do have pictures available. I also have a complete inventory listing (including amperage draw) I can send out to any serious buyers.

I'd like to get $5000 for the entire lot. The 17 used controllers and the NEW LED lights are basically worth that alone. Please PM me if you are interested and I'll be happy to answer any questions.

You can get an idea of the display on my website:

Thanks for looking!


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Looks like a great deal, but I'm on the right coast. A one-way plane ticket, u-haul rental and gas would add another, $2K to that. :)

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Sorry to hear you are leaving the hobby. Hope you thought about it hard. I went through a period of not wanting to do it. All id did was not think about it for a couple of months then started programing again and the itch took over. I can't wait for the smiling faces of the kids. Did you think about doing a smal;ler and more manageable display. It would take less time to program and set up.
Good Luck with your decision'

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Sorry to hear you are no longer going to be doing your awesome display. Thanks for the joy and happiness you brought to so many people, and I wish you the best of luck on your next adventure!

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I appreciate the kind words. It was a tough decision for me, but the timing was right to move on to other things and get to some long overdue projects. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the LOR community.


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