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IDMX-1000 For Sale

Dennis Cherry

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I have gone beyond the limit of using the IDMX-1000 in my display.

So if anyone is interested in wanting to add some DMX devices and using LOR this year, this is an easy way of doing that without adding another network.

The IDMX-1000 inputs the LOR protocol and converts it to a DMX output so it just looks like another LOR controller with 512 channels to the LOR network. It also works like the Entec Pro that it outputs the DMX stream constantly to keep the DMX devices alive and ready to accept commands while powered up.

What you will get is the IDMX-1000, a Wall Wart power supply, can also be powered from the first LOR controller, a conversion box from XLR-3 to Cat5, box and user manual.

LOR Price is $249.00 will let this one go for $175 shipping included.

Used it for 2 years.

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