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Controller Cat5 Connection


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When using the USB RS485 from the computer and connecting a Cat5 cable from the RS485 to a controller, which pins inf the Cat5 are in use? I have hardwired my yard with the Cat5 and now I would also like to start palying with DMX. I know I would need to use another dongle, but if the DMX uses one set of wires and the LOR controller uses another....would it be possible to make some type of crossover cable and Cat5 splitters to run info to the two types of networks without having to dig up the yard and install more conduit and additional Cat5 lines.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Troy Mann wrote:

Hey Dave,

read through this and it should help


I have converted several Cat5 to work with DMX, but I have not explained it yet so please correct me if I am wrong.

DMX use pins 4&5 LOR uses 1 & 2

To work DMX with LOR you need to switch pins 4 & 5 with
1 & 2.


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If you using LOR controllers either in LOR mode or DMX mode you use the LOR pinouts. If your using non-LOR DMX controllers, except Renard, you pins 1 and 2 with 7 and 8 as reference ground if the device is non- isolated.

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