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Request for assistance in testing please


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Since I have begun some testing on RGB strips and the effects of different sealants on the electrical connections:

I was wondering if anyone how has some of the RGB strip silicone tubing would be willing to offer a section or two of the tubing (just one or two of the 100mm sections) for adding to my test setup for long term exposure to the elements.
Someone on another forum had mentioned that they wondered how the silicone tubing held up long term to sun and weather and I think that it would be good to add a section or two to my setup to see.

I would be happy to pay shipping to get a couple pieces sent to me to test. It would also be nice if I could get 2 of the end caps for the tubing if someone has that as well. Then I could make up a section with wires soldered to the strip and sealed to the tubing end cap just like a display item would be. That would be a "real world" type of test to run.
I plan on running my test on the strips that I have now for at least 1 year to see how they hold up so another piece or two of strip would be no trouble to add along with them.
Send me a Pm or respond to this thread if you might be interested in supplying a piece of the tubing for test. I can always use a piece of my dumb strip to put into the tubing for the test.

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I have some just like on the CCR, and a piece of dumb with the solid silicon if you still need it.

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