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Hi Everyone,

I've been ask if a wire frame can be made smaller or bigger or can the mouth have a "o" shape mouth added?

The answer is YES!!!

Due to the fact that I normally make the frame after it has been ordered, I can make any change to the frame that you the customer would like to have made. Of course the price of the frame might change slightly, but If you send me a email at info@wireframedlites.com I can tell you what it would cost, if any, for the changes would be.

Also, I can make just about any 2D frame that you would like to have made. All I need is a picture of what you want made. It can be from a drawing that you have or from a picture that you have. You can also call me and we can talk about the changes that you want made.

You can see my frames at www.wireframedlites.com.

Thanks for reading,

Doug Phillips

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