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2011 videos

Mark Showalter

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Mark Showalter wrote:

My second year is done. The lights are put away in the garage and planning is underway for next year. I just got the 2011 videos posted.


Let me know what you think. (only the good stuff please):)

your only planning for 2012 I am already planning for 2013
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Thanks everyone. I had a lot of very nice comments from the people I know who saw the show. I got to meet a lot of neighbors during the teardown. They were all very appreciative.

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T110431 wrote:

Nice videos Mark what camera are you using I am planing on getting a better one this year

We have a fairly nice camera at work that I used for these videos. The Sony PMW-EX3 is an HD camera.
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johnm160 wrote:

Looks great Mark, what type of trees are those to the left of the mega? They look really good.

The seven 6 ft. trees to the left of the Weber tree are metal trees I purchased used. I stripped off all the old incandescent lights, painted the framework green then wrapped each with the white, red and green LEDs. There's about 2,300 total lights on each.

I will say it did take forever to wrap those trees but they were one of the easiest things to put out in the display. I just had to put them in place and attach the guy wires. We get a lot of wind.

Here's an earlier post about those same trees...

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