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Lights on after show?

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JimB wrote:

I finally got my controllers working, now I'm making a mad dash to get a show going for tomorrow.

How do I make the lights go on (wihtout any animation) in between shows?


The easiest way would be to create a STATIC sequence, using only the lights you want on. You want to make it for as long as you want a space between shows. Want 5 minutes? Then make it 5 minutes long.

When you build your show, place the STATIC sequence into the MUSICAL tab of the show builder. (Animation can go in to musical, musical can not go in animation.)
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30 minutes, minus the length of your song. If you have a song that's 2:30, you would want a 27:30 statis sequence so the shows would start at the top/bottom of the hour. Otherwise, you'll drift by 2:30 every half hour.

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