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Hello fellow lighters.

I have my first show up and running. I only have two songs sync'd so far but more are in process.

This would be a great trouble shooting aid and was wondering if this can be done. Can the LOR control panel show what is going on with the scheduler and current show such as where the current show is, how much time is left in the segment, etc? For example, my show looks like this.

Sequence 1(song), short delay, sequence 2 (song), sequence 3(a sort delay looped for 8 minutes with all lights on). The show is timed so that it lasts about 14 min 45 sec. That will leave the lights off for about 15 seconds before the show starts again. The scheduler is set to start the show every 15 minutes.

I would like to be able to see what the scheduler is currently doing (ex. show "show name" is in progress, waiting for "show name" to start, how much time until the show starts. If a show is running, what step of the show is running?

If this can be done, can anyone tell me how? If not, I will add it to the wish list topic.

Thanks a lot,


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