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Well, The Website is ready......but am I


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  • 2 weeks later...

thanks on the website design, not bad for free using http://wix.com

I got a minor set back, I special ordered 50 LED stars to fit my flag, each star is/was individually wired so I can control each one, and I got an email saying they can't sell them for the price they told me on the phone, I didn't pay them so I can't hold them to it, So I went to Lowe's bought 2 sheets of 1/4 plywood, cut out 50 stars painted them white drilled holes in them for the LED mini-lights (which I got for 80 cents per star, it pays to shop around) now I am plugging these stars with the mini-lights.

Actually I like my star design better anyhow

Now I need to find someone in this forum to create me some wire molds to make me some things that I thought about today. time to search when I post this

also I couldn't find a version of the Star Spangled Banner that I liked, so I called a friend of mine that's a local musician and he did the SSB a few years ago gave me a copy of the songs he did, I wasn't disappointed and I am using his version for the display .... with no problems with copyrights, :P

and I hope I can build this display like I'm envisioning it

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