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Radio transmitter (vista) From WLC, anyone use it?


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Hi Bret,

I used the WLC transmitter for the first time last season (12/2011).

It comes in the form of two populated PCB's, a connector ribbon wire, and a small collapsible antenna. No instructions come with it but the PCB's are marked for-what-goes-where. I mounted the PCB's on a simple wood frame and connected it to a power source and my PC. The transmitter/antenna is on a shelf above the PC, about 6' elevation and located in a room facing the street. Distance to street about 35 feet. I selected an unused frequency (for my area) and ran a music sequence(via PC). Using a portable radio (Walkman) I walked outside and was able to get great reception about 200+ feet from the transmitter. Later in the season and when my light show was up and running I was able to pick up the transmitter on my car radio about 400 ft away. I tuned the car radio to adjacent frequencies and did not get any bleed-over. I'm sure better range would be had with a better antenna (I just used the "test" antenna) but for my use I am quite satisfied with this unit. PM me if you need to.

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