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RGB Mega-tree terminology


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As i have gone between the three different forums (LSP,Vixen,LOR) , i find people refer to their mega-trees in different ways.

I will be prompting people to fill in information in the model generator for their trees.

Here is where i could use some suggestions.

For the RGB device that you will put on your string, what should we call it?
In LOR i think they call it their Cosmic Color Ribbon. I think RJ's is called Smart strings. Maybe others?

I currently ask these questions for the devices
1) How many pixels does your RGB string have?
2) How long is the distnace between the first and last pixel?

Instead of pixels, some people call them nodes. Instead of string, is there a better term? I think LOR calls them bundles

Once i know what devices you are using, i next ask this

3) How many strands will your tree have?
By strands i mean one device going from the bottom of the tree to the top (or vise-a-versa).
Instead of strand, i could call them the segments of a tree.

The last thing i will ask is how you will put the rgb device on your tree.

For Example:
You might have an RGB string, 120 pixels total and 15' in length,
you could take each string and produce 3 strands by going
Bottom to top
top to bottom
bottom to top

or visa-a-versa

Suppose you take one string and plan on folding it in half (making two strands or segments).
Then 16 RGB strings would make a 32 strand mega-tree.

I have built the model that includes LOR's 3 choices

So strings for the actual device
strands for each segment of a tree
pixels for each rgb unit on the strand

other suggestions?

Just remember that any solution will have to work for all three platforms as i have committed this tool will span the group.


BTW, i have a thread in the Vixen area here with the exact same questions:

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