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what is the best way to sync with LOR software

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You will find it's personal preference, so I'd try a couple of different ways to see what is the best.

When I started LOR, I did tapper wizard only with a blank grid. Now, after I've done a bunch of songs, I start with a grid of .04 second timing. Then I run the tapper wizard and using the snap to command, I can use the tapper to only place events along the .04 gridlines. I also will just play the file and draw it in without using the tapper wizard. It just depends on what works the best for you.

If you do use the tapper, don't forget that you can run it multiple times on the same file. I will run it 4 or more times on each song. So one time will be the beat, one for the melody, one for whatever else you want to highlight in the song, etc.

For LOR sequence files, check out my website http://lorsequences.com. Go into the download section, and check out the Christmas section with videos. These will show you what it looks like. I should still have the audio for anything that has a video, so PM me. With that said, I'll only send you one or two audios so you can see what's going on. You really need to obtain your own (legal) copies of the audio for the songs in your show.

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Dear djlink,

My personal preference is to use the LOR tapper.

You and any PC member are welcome to request a copy of my LOR Beginner's Guide. This guide documents the strategy and way I did it.

Just email me at ggregzim@yahoo.com


PS. Please add your location to your member profile, even if it is generalized. Your location greatly helps your fellow PC'ers when making recommendations and suggestions to better help you.

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John Pidliskey wrote:

I used the 'tap' feature when I first started. IT gave you an idea where the 'highs' or beats were.

I no longer use the tap feature.

same here. I just hit play the visible screen and do screen by screen with grid set to .05 or .10 depending on song...Jared
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