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Upgrading 1602W to 40amp, question on what wires I need to replace


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I am upgrading my 1602W to 40amp, and I have upgraded the power supply cords to 12AWG and used new 20 amp plugs. But I also see that the power goes through the switch, then to the fuse before it gets to the board.

Do I need to upgrade the short cords that goes through the switch and to the fuse to 12 AWG as well?


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Thanks William. I assumed that I had to replace all of the power wires with 12AWG, but couldn't find anything to back that up either way.

You working on RGB strips yet?

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At one time, many years ago, we would condone the upgrade of the LOR1602W to 40 amps. One we added the inner plate with We no longer do.

If one were to attempt to do so with a LOR1602W with an inner panel, it would not be a simple matter of changing wires.

1. You need to remove the inner panel and there is no real reason to keep it because the switch and fuse holders cannot be used.

2. You would wire your 12awg power cords directly to the circuit board. Connecting to the Input (Hot and Neu) terminals. (NOT THE JUMPER TERMINALS THAT ARE USED WHEN USING THE INNER PANEL).

3. You would place fuses directly on the circuit board.

Not that I recommend that this be done but if someone did do it then that would be the way to do so.


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