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I just began my automation project in October and am making the finishing touches on my first show. I have a simple question for those of you who are experienced.

I currently only have one song synchronized and plan to run it every 15 minutes. How do I set up the show so all of the lights ramp up to full on after the automation until the next show?

I am down to the last minute and don't have much time.:]:]:]:]



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Hi!!....I had the same question a few days ago... hehehehe and it was also a last minute question! hahaha but I think that I´ve won the record of previous time until getting all my show up... the light decoration was ready in 2 days and i´ve made 4 sequences in 2 days also... hahahaha.

so. you have to make a sequence where you tell all your channels to light ON and give the sequence the total time that you want and save it for example as LIGHTS ON... and then you put it into the show editor, you can put it together with the sequence you´ve already done or you can put it in a separated show and then put in your schedule like this 4 example if u want the lights to turn ON at 6pm and you want your show to last 10 minutes----This is mexican speeeeed!!!

6pm--6:15pm-- SHOW: lights on

6:15:01--6:25--SHOW: (4e)Wizards of winter

6:25:01--6:35--SHOW: lights on

and so like that until you want them to light off...


Good luck with ur display! and hope it works.

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Thanks for the info. Here is what I ended up doing. I created a short sequence with a 5 second lead in to ramp up the lights to full bright. I then have a 5 second loop where the lights are full on. With the programmable number of iterations of the loop, this makes for a very short sequence that can be easily changed for almost any length of time. I followed that with a 10 second ramp down of lights.

It works out very well. Just by changing the number of loops I made delays of 12 and 60 minutes. The 12 minutes is for between light shows and the 60 minutes is for between 11:00 and midnight when I want the lights to be static.

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