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CTB16D board damage safe to use?


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I picked up a used Showtime unit today. When I fired it up to test it channel 2 was locked on. Channel 1 flickered and then turned off. After that channel 1 seemed OK.

When I pulled the cover I found the remnants of what looks like a bee's body. It appears to have shorted between the A1 terminal of the channel 2 triac and the A2 terminal of the channel 1 triac. It looks like the channel 2 triac needs replaced and I think I'll replace channel 1 also.

But my concern is whether there are damaged tracks in the board or not. The heat burned through the solder mask and into the PCB (see attachment). Does the CTB16D have any tracks on internal layers? If not, I'm thinking the board is safe to use.

Attached files 304834=16730-DSCF0286a.jpg

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Guest wbottomley

Reg... I had an earth worm to cause a shortage and burn out a main trace. LOR replaced the board with a refurbished one and it has been working great.

I would contact Kevin @ LOR


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