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I down load this but do you have to buy this to get all the features. Also I know you have to down load the Lame to export MP3 but how does it all work. Thanks

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How does it work as in, "How do you use the program?" or "What is the program doing?"

To answer the "How do you use the program?" question ... It really is as simple as loading the variable bit rate file into Audacity then selecting "File -> Export". If memory serves, the default is 128Kbps CBR, which is what you would most likely want for LOR programming.

For the "What is the program doing?" question ... I don't claim to understand the ins and outs of it, but the software is basically re-saving the audio file into a "constant bit rate" file, which is what works best with LOR. It has something to do with the markers embedded in the MP3 file that the LOR software reads when playing back the audio.

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