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Mini Light caps

Mike Mackey

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I have a extremely intricate light panel and the mini lights on it are fading in color. I'm looking at a change out.

Recently I stumbled across caps that go over the mini lights to enhance/change the color of the bulb.

Has anyone had experience with these caps? Can you give me a review as to their durability, their ability to "stay on" the bulb once installed, and their ability to "look" good?

Thanks in advance!


Attached files 302493=16621-Light Panel.JPG

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Thanks again. Your praise is graciously and humbly received.

We average about 400 visitors a night during the season. Our show runs about an hour except for Christmas night and that show runs about 1:45 before it recycles. I currently have a library of 93 sequences for display.

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Hey Mike
Certainly a beautiful looking display piece there !!

I have used the combo clips from Christmas-Leds.com:


for some bell wireframes that I bought from Val that have LED's on them.
The clips work great wwith them. I have had them for 3 years now without any troubles at all.
They hold tight and have not popped off or come off the wireframe at all.
I have not used any with regular incandescent bulbs but I don't see why they would not work the same on them.
You could always drop Val a message and tell her what you are trying to do and maybe get a couple of samples from her to test and see how they would work for you.
She is really nice to deal with and very helpful.

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