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Odd performance of CCRS

Gerald Corey

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Now that the crunch time of Christmas displays is over we are trying to trouble shoot our CCR problems. We bought 3 programs from Brian Bruderer and this picture is typical of the results during our presentations. We did run the first 6 ribbons on our 1st network and the 7-12 ribbons on a second network. The 7-12 seemed to be the ones that continually gave us prolems.
Do we need ribbons replaced, controllers replaced, or what?
Any ideas?


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Dennis Cherry

Tell us a little more on your setup.

Computer or director control.

Length of cables used.

Cable routing.

Network setup.

We have many members ask questions about problems, but since we are not close to you we cannot see your display personally so you need to walk use through it here.

What ever you think is not important might be the one comment that will help us recommend your fix.

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