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I have lost communication to my CTB 08. Hardware utility is unable to locate unit.
Red flashing light. My show had been running for a couple of hours and the 08 unit just quit working. Checked the fuse and it is Ok. I am unable to reset the unit. :(
I have tried resetting the unit with the jumpers to no avail. I even went straight to
the unit from the computer with a good Cat5 cable and the hardware utility was still
unable to find it.

I have not updated the hardware utility yet because everything was working Ok,
and I was worried if I update now it might cause conflicts with my show that working.

Does any one have any suggestions what to try now?


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You mentioned resetting with jumpers.. There is not a reset on a CTB08. If this is the very old version with 4 jumpers on it then make sure that they are back in position. If this is the newer version with a single jumper then make sure the jumper is not on the card.

With that card as the ONLYcard attached to the PC, go into the hardware utility and CHANGE the unit id. Set the OLD UNIT ID to "ANY" and the NEW UNIT ID to the value that was set on this card.

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