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RGB vs LED Super String


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While contemplating the cost of converting to LED next year, I have a question or two. I use a lot of superstrings, i.e. 4-color 100ct mini incan strings tied together. If I replace these with LEDs, my initial thought was be to make up LED superstrings of equivalent length/coverage. This is a rather steep investment, compared to the low cost of 100ct incans.

So, do they make an RGB string with M5 'mini' style bulbs so one string will replace four? I'm not looking to control each bulb independently. I just want the string to be one of 4 colors. If so, how does that cost compare to 4 separate LED strings?

I often light more then one color at a time in my sequences for a given display element, e.g. a wreath may be red and green. I don't think this would be possible with an RGB string, without some sort of pixel control, would it?

Ideally, I'd like any replacement option to sequence the same as superstrings, i.e one channel per color. But I guess in the RGB world that's not going to work. Because if I wanted to light my wreath in red, green and blue at the same time, it would appear white - correct? Which reminds me, what does RGB "white" look like? Warm white or cool white?

Hmm.. maybe what I really need is a LED multi-colored string with 1" spacing where each color is controlled separately, I guess with 4 plugs on each end. :(

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It will be a steep investment either way.

Compare the costs of the LED strings that will work with your existing controllers vs the price of the "dumb" RGB strings, plus different controllers, low voltage power supplies, etc.

To use "smart" RGB pixels, your costs will be even higher for the lights and the special controllers needed
For strings of 100, additional multiple power injection points may be needed as well as additional signal injection, depending on how and what products you choose to use in the system you design.

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