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X10 scheduling question

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When I try to get my static display involved using the X-10 through LOR, I am having problems. My question has more to do with the show ending rather then beginning. My show goes something like the following

LOR Animation sequence (a few seconds long with the X-10 channel set up) for static display off (X-10 off)
Song 1
Song 2
Song 3
LOR Animation sequence (a few seconds with the X-10 channel set-up) for my static lights to turn on (X-10 on)

Where I have my question is at the end of the show when the X-10 should go back on. the sequence clicks the lights on, but back off right away. I thought that they would stay on until the show runs again and recieves an X-10 off command. Do I have to do a 30 minute X-10 on sequence or what?

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