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Help Lights won't work !!

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:{ I just had to do some LOR this year. I know I'm very late. I have 2 1602w, total of 32 channels. Last night, I went through the instructions and lights were working on various channels I checked. My computer is upstairs. I have about 80 feet to the front porch below where I have the 2 boxes of controllers. I have the USB 485B adapter to my computer. I have LOR Easy Light Linker. I checked my setup plugging several lights into various channels. Everything worked great. That was last night. Today I finished hooking uo all 32 channels and am all set. I turn on the utility to check just like last night. I tried checking one channel at a time. I can't get any lights to come on. I try all channels at once, but no luck. I made no adjustment since yesterday and now nothing. Upon retry, now the utility finds only one unit sometimes, 0 units sometimes and both units sometimes ,like it should sometimes. Power cords have been checked. Anyone with any ideas ??? Should I try to reset the Comm port ?Thanks,

Baffled Texian

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I'm a newbie so can only offer limited help.

Are the LED's on the controller cards on? (If not check fuses). Check you havent bumped or reprogramed the controllers onto the same number or a higher unsearchable number. Maybe do a comm port reset, rescan for units.

Possibly check Cat 5 cable to controllers I had a similar issue and it ended up being the cable needed a new end crimped on!

Try scanning with everything but the controllers unplugged?

Good luck.:happytree:

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I'll add to this,

Good suggestions T. Piggy.

One thing I've noticed in the past, don't rely on what the hardware utility (HWU) tells you. I'm not 100% on how that part works but I went from 4 controllers to 20 and didn't blink an eye on the HWU finding the controllers (they found themselves). If the red LEDs on the units are blinking, they aren't talking to each other. If they are on steady, you have communication with the controllers. As long as your additional controllers are added into the updated sequence, then you shouldn't even touch the HWU.

Oh, make sure your HWU is off when trying to run lights. You can run a show, or a sequence, but not both and not with HWU activated. HWU needs to be closed.

Hope this helps.


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