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I ask for your help - for my local schools


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Hello fellow LOR decorators:

I am asking for your help in voting for my display in the Patch "Deck the House" contest. I submitted a photo of my lightshow to my local Patch online newsletter and won the local competition with 17 whopping votes. It was then submitted to the national competion, with 860 entries. 24 finalists were to be chosen, and somehow I was one of them (my wife and I did not think we had a chance seeing the other winning entries). Now the best part - the winner of the national competition will get a donation of $100,000 for their local schools! For those of you that don't live in Wisconsin, we have a govenor that balanced the budget for this coming year. It meant drastic reductions to school system aid - so this would be a big help to my local community should I get the most votes. So please spread the word for me and vote for my display - you can do so once a day through January 8th.

Remember - we all do it for the kids. And now this is another way we can do it for the kids.


Mike Pikula


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