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Looking for the clapping trees video


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We were throwing around ideas for next year's display, and my hubby remembered there was a person who sequenced his deciduous trees (non-evergreen trees) to simulate clapping. Does anyone remember who that was? I'd like to watch the video again to see how it was done, how many segments, etc.

I've done a search on "clapping trees", "clapping christmas lights"...but haven't come up with anything. Please let me know if you know where I can find what I'm looking for.


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Guest Don Gillespie

jimswinder wrote:

Was it the Downs Family?


at the 2:34 mark...

The first time I saw this video I just HAD to do this song!!


That is very sharp looking, I have two trees that that would work on fine, along with my firesticks, mini trees, sing snowman, more arches, and spiral trees, its a good thing I have a year to get sequenceing. :)
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That was awesome...never saw that before...only 800 channels...hehehe, I suppose I could stiff the tax man this year and get another 192 channels...hmmmm, I must ponder this

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James George wrote:

I love how they made the trees look like they were doing backflips too.
yeah...that was my favorite part too!!

i like what he did with the arches too...
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