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Troubles with show and sequence editor

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Hi!, it´s me again:?

I am having a little troubles while making shows, I don´t know how to save my musical files and my animation files LMS and LAS... Do i have to save them with the same name, so that the show editor can play them?... or what?... because when I say to my sequence editor for example:



NOOOO!!! I DON´T WANT TO!!.... so.. I save the .las with a different name, and put both files in the show editor.... and animation happens.... but music don´t!!!

what should i do?...:shock:

Thank u very much!


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You should not need to change the type of files or anything like that.

When you create a new musical sequence you create either an Animation Sequence (no music) or a Musical Sequence (with music)...

The first time you save it you give it a name and except for very special requirements there is not a need to ever change the name or type of file.

When you are creating your show you add the musical sequences that you have created to the Musical Section of the show.

As far as Animations are concerned (sequences without music).... You can also add them to the Musical Section and in most cases that is what you want to do. So for example people will create a Musical Sequence and an Animation Sequence. They will then add them both to the Musical Section of the show. When the show plays the Musical Sequence will run and the music will play and the lights will run. After he song completes the Animation Sequence plays and there is silence while the Animation Sequnce controls the lights. The show loops and the sequences play over and over.

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Sorry if I may be slow hehehe.... thank u for your patience.

So; when I finish my musical sequence and animation sequence, I just click on save as HOHOHO.lms? or HOHOHO.las?

If i must save it as .lms.... in the show editor I just have to insert the .lms file in the musical section ok?.... and NOTHING on the animation section?...

Am i understanding well?...

Thanks a lot


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