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My letter to Santa

miaskiewicz christian

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Dear Santa,

I've got many ideas for next year but for all this I need your help :

- Do you have electrical wire or extension cords you don't need anymore ?
- maybe decorations you don't use anymore that are lying in your attic (even deers or stars with rope light not working anymore)
- Could you tell the society that produces my software and hardware and which is starting to be talked about by many people in France if they can't find a controller or two they would like to to get rid of.
- Could you find a mean for me to go on adding lights and at the same time being possible for my wife to use household appliances .
- Could you make it possible that Scorpions Lead vocals see my Wind of change video and him tell me he has seen it.

Thank you Santa


P.S. answer my letter only if you have enough time and when you'll finih distributing presents to all the children around the world
Watch the original in French.

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