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Clean up a song before sequencing, but Audacity adds chirps during import

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I recorded a song of our choir singing on my Sony Cybershot camera in video mode. That creates an MPEG video file which Windows Media Player easily plays.

So I read it into Audacity and Audacity seems to add 4 very loud nasty chrips, almost like a squeal lasting a a 1/4 sec or so throughout the song which I know are not on the movie file that it's reading in, because I can play it in WMP and there's no chirps. Looks like they cannot be edited out because I would lose th evocals too.

Has anyone else seen this, and know of a way to prevent it, or is there another program I can try which will convert the movie file to MPG?

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Ok, I solved it!

I searched Google for "convert mpg to mp3"

I downloaded a program called River Past Audio Converter and this utility specializes in ripping audio out of MPEG movies and converting it to MP3 files.

Once I did that, I imported the MP3 file into Audacity, and it was perfect, no chirps. Guess Audacity has a bit of an import bug in their code.


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