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Hi, I am Polita, and i was writing yesterday that my card arrived just a day ago!, Today I plugged all the channels and everything is ok!, they light up correctly etc... no problem with that...

I started using the show editor, and I had a little problems inderstanding how to use it, but i think it´s already now...

Ok now I am using the scheduler, and I had a little problems too, but searching all over the software I discovered how to setuo everything... ok, ENABLE SHOWS, ok, ready, waiting for the show... it happens!.... ok.. let´s see it again!... it doesn´t happen now!!.... ok try again... it doesn´t happens!! what is it happening!!!!

And sometimes the music goes on and the animation doesn´t!!!!!!

What should I do?

Also, I would like to know the correctly way to save the animation files and the musical sequence files... should they have the SAME name? or what? I don´t know what I´m doing wrong now!, it was already working! but now only the sound is playing...



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If the music is playing and the lights are not being controlled then the most likely cause is that the channels are not configured in the Musical Sequence File. The second most likely cause is that the Com Port has been changed. You can very the com port by starting up the Hardware Utility and looking at the port that is selected when it first starts.

When you talk about naming animations and sequences the same I am some what lost as to the question.

Musical Sequences have a music file associated with them. Animation Sequences do not have a music file associated with them...Generally they are unreleated.

If sometimes in the Sequence Editor, if the music plays and the lights are not controlled, that can be because at the same time you have the Hardware Utlity running or Shows Enabled. Only one can happen at a time (one of: Sequence Editor, Hardware Utilty, Shows Enabled).

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