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Split Power Load between two controllers, same I'd


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One of my controllers (LOR1602W) is max'd out (amps) and we would like to add some more lights to that .

The show runs great so I am a bit nervous to add anew controller and adjust all the sequences.

I was wondering if I could add another controller and set its id to match the existing controller. I would have 2 unit 2's.

I figure the hardware utility would count the two units as one since they are the same. I could then re distribute the power load between the two controllers.

Will this work? Don't really want to experiment and cause a problem preventing the show from working.


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It should work, but I think there was a question about that some time ago and I think (not sure) that one of the LOR folks said there could be some type of issue with doing this. Not so much a power problem, but a communication problem that could cause your lights NOT to behave properly.

Hate to say it, but your best bet is to give the new controller it's own ID number and rework your sequences, which isn't that difficult. You won't need to change the channel ID numbers, just the controller # in the sequencer on those channels that will be on the the new unit.

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Actually, there wouldn't be any communication problem that would prevent the lights from working correctly. The controllers are 'listening' devices, meaning they only listen to commands sent to them. If they receive a command for another UnitID, the controller simply ignores the command.

Issues would come into play for troubleshooting, (because there are two UnitID 01's on the RS485 network.) So, if you have to do any troubleshooting keep that in mind ... but I don't see any issue in doing this.

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Yes, it will work just fine with no problems. I actually have 3 controllers in my display that have the same Unit ID.

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