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Help Me ID Song - Dearing Dazzle TLC Channel


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Last night on the TLC Channel I caught a TV show called Invasion of the Christmas Lights 2. One of the displays was DearingDazzle in Montgomery, Texas, a LORer here, Clyde Dearing. Both my wife and I were really taken by the the hard rock version of Hark the Herald that plays at the end of the segment. I Googled last night til I was blue in the face and couldn't find it. I am always on the lookout for similar rock Christmas Songs. The segment is at:


BTW, Richard Holdman follows DearingDazzle on the same show. Makes me really jealous.

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pikadroo wrote:

In the beginning you will notice a similar style amazing grace version. Here is what I think has happened with these somewhat ridicules show series. By it's nature reality TV is low budget high profit. So since they would have to pay to use the real music most of these displays use. They get around that by using royalty free music.

So, I think maybe if you browse some sites that provide royalty free music and sound effects you might find it, cuz I doubt you would find it searching directly by the shows title.

Just my thoughts on it, but interesting problem tho. Wonder if TLC would tell you?

I went back and watched the video clip a couple of more times, and darned if I don't think you are absolutely right. It does appear as though the audio portion heard on the clip doesn't exactly match the light timings. I have PM'ed Clyde Dearing, so if he answers me, I guess we will know the real truth. Damn, what a waste, it's such a kewl song, I could have done wonders with it with my configuration. I will try TLC, but if I get an answer it would be a miracle.
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An update in case anybody is interested. Clyde Dearing wrote me back and confirmed that the song in the TV program is not one his songs. He provided me the name of the show's producer, who answered me within a few minutes of my email. He told me that the song is owned by The Discovery Channel, and he had no info about use or licensing.

Oh well, It's sure a great song.

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