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First ever LOR Display Xmas 2011!

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This is the first time ever doing this and I am looking for some more experienced (or anyone I guess) people to give me their honest opinion.

So what do you think?


P.S. In the process of my second sequence now (I know I know a little late) i will post it shortly.
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I think this looked like a great start! Good base to add on to next year. Did look like you may have not had much time to work with the sequencing software or been rushed but I think we all have been there. You got a lot of elements into you 1st show.

My one friendly crit would be that the window lights don't seem to pop as much as the other lights. I know the CCR's are super bright but they just seemed to be darker to me (Maybe the video itself). Are they hung inside behind the glass or a tinted window? Maybe LED bulbs or double your lights on the windows.

will be watching next year for sure :P


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Thanks guys. For the window lights, they are both mounted inside and they are older incants. I will be replacing them over the year with rgb led's and hopefully some CCR's. Was getting a little $$$ with what I purchased to get this up and running now I will just add to it.

This is a fun and very addictive hobby :P

Just finished song two. Will try and get a video on youtube first thing next week.

Thanks again,

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