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I simply want to play an animation for 30 minutes with random music. Then ply 30 minutes worth of sequenced music.

This is how I have attempted to do this.

1. Create Windows scheduled events to start the random music on the hour
6:00 PM
2. Creat Windows scheduler events to stop the music on the half hour.
6:30 PM

These work without issue as expected.

Now the LOR scheduler;

1. Create a 5 minute animation

2. Create the show
a. duplicate the 5 minute animation 6 times in startup
b. add the 30 minutes worth of music to the musical section, I timed this all together played by LOR and it is 29:37 long.
c. pad with 20 seconds of random animation in the shutdown sequence
to fill in the dark time.

Total time should be about 29:57

3. Create the LOR schedule
a. start the show on the hour to play for 59 minutes, it plays
30 minutes of animation, then plays the musicals.

b. now play the 20 second animation, it does

So far so good.....

Show should be over, it is not it loops, not just 1 song it loops the entire show and I have 2 audio sources running, and LOR falls into the top of the next hour event without playing the animations from the same show file that started this all up.

What am I not understanding with the LOR scheduler?



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Version 1.6.1.

I think I have it figured out. The schedule must be shorter than the sum of the sequences in the show by just a little or it loops.

The scheduler is a bit difficult to understand but, I got it to run last night for 2 consecutive hours. Tonight it is on unassisted automation as I will not be here to babysit it :), fingers crossed.

Feature suggestion. Make the show editer aware of the length of each sequence and display it and a running total for the show......


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