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I found a similar post to this but not the exact problem. Sorry if it's a repeat and I couldn't find it before posting.
My show was fine until yesterday. My channel 8 only dims when it should be off during the show.
Everything should be updated:
LOR 3.1.4
16PC-G3 Ver1.04
I've tried troubleshooting with the Hardware utility. It does the same thing while using the utility as it does when the show is running. I've unplugged, restarted, re-updated everything and I'm still having the issue. It seem that the problem has been narrowed down to the controller but I can figure out how to correct it.
Any advice?

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First thing to try is a controller reset.

Then, after the reset, is the issue even happening with no data signal connected? If so, you probably have a partial failure of the triac.

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Very odd that it happens only when data is being received from the show, or the hardware utility. Not being on when not getting data usually points away from the triacs, but the next step would generally be investigation of the show files, to find where overlap is happening. But in your case, that it happens with the hardware utility plugged in makes it clear that it is not show/sequence related.

If you connect up just this controller to the hardware utility, does the channel turn on part way immediately when the status light goes solid, or do you have to send commands first?

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How do you "reset" the unit?

Is it just unplugging it and plugging the power back in?

frosted1 wrote:

Oops, nevermind I found how to reset in the manual. I'll give it a shot.
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