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Weird Playback Issues with 1.6.1

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I am having some strange playback issues with 1.6.1 in show mode.

Sometimes a strange command gets sent to a channel and it repeats it over and over until a real command gets sent to it.

For example, one channel may have a quick fade down such has half a second, and it will repeat this over and over until this channel gets another command from the computer. I don't use shimmer at all in any of my shows but every now and then a channel will get stuck on shimmer until it gets hit with a real command from the computer.

I never saw this happened until I upgraded to 1.6.1 - Also any show playback that was saved with 1.5 never had an issue and ran great (using 1.6.1 to play back shows that were saved with 1.5). I had shows that were fine playing with 1.6.1 and I made just a few adjustments with 1.6.1 and now these shows will freak out every now and then.

I would say that a channel gets wigged out maybe once every two mins or so. It seems to never happen in the same place every time, where it pops up is random.

Also I have some sequences were some lights will pop off and on super fast (I am guessing .01 of second) and nothing is triggered on those channels. On these it seems to happen in the exact same spot every time.

This issue is happening on more than one controller.

Anybody else have these issues?

I am wondering if it might be related to some LED floods I have. These are the floods from action that you can not dim. I have had channels freak out though if you do try and dim these. All my sequences though are set not to dim the LED floods, just turn them off and on but I am wondering if they are creating some kind of noise.

Strange Stuff.

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I started my show tonight and I still had these same issues with channels being stuck with a stray command and repeating until it got a new command from the computer.

I took all my sequences and opened them up in 1.5 and resaved them back out and loaded them back onto my show computer and now everything is running great. I watched it for about 20 mins and never had a single issue.

For some reason if I save sequences with 1.6.1 and they play back in 1.6.1, I have this problem, but if I save them in 1.5 they play back fine on 1.6.1

Running on a old Laptop (500mhz) with USB485B running Windows 2000.

Very Strange but I am glad I got it all working.


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Well I thought this was an issue with with playback of 1.6.1 files with the 1.6.1 version of the show player.

I was outside tonight and I am still having these problems. Once channel will be stuck on with a random command. Sometimes it will be with a fade or a constant on and it will stay like this until it gets hit with a real command.

Last night it was fine so I will let it run for a few hours and see if it fixes itself if it runs for a few hours. Not sure what it is because I have 5 controllers and I have seen this same issue on any one of them. I am thinking it may have to do with noise generated from my LED floods, because when I was testing these in my computer room, it would generate wierd noise on my computer speakers when they turned off and on and if I try and dim them on LOR controllers, I will have other channels freak out.

If it is still doing in in a few hours, I will try unplugging all the LED floods and see what happens.

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I had this problem with 1.6 and 1.5 on multiple computers. Took the computer with a new network cable and tested it and the shows ran fine without a problem. It was so bad after a while the controllers went dead. (LEDS went out and no commands worked) Don was here and he saw the it also. Found out I had a bad network cable.

Check it and see what happens.

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Thanks for the reply.

I have about 5 network cables under more than a foot of snow right now so it might be a little hard to switch them all out.

When you had the problem, did it only affect controllers after the network cable? Because I have had these issues on all my controllers so it may be my first cable.

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