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Hopefully everyone's putting their finishing touches on their displays.. I just got back from college and I hope I will be able to set it up this year. But I have a question that Ive always wanted to know the answer to.

I watched many professional displays on youtube and such. How do you guys get the minis to always stick out or do you perfer rope lights and CCRs? I was curious because I could never get my minis to point out directly in he direction of the cars. Happy holidays guys!

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I use minis on my four house windows and the don't stick out. You can see from my video that there isn't any issue with seeing the lights.

If you attached the starting point, you could just rotate the rest of the string to get the lights all facing outward and then attach them (so then they are held against the house in that position). This is how I used to do it when putting up static displays growing up.

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I used rope lights and built custom frames for my windows and doors, so it's easy to put them up each year.

I kinda wish I discovered the RGB strips first

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