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Cant find Super Star


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I have just recently downloaded LOR 3.1.4 S3. From all I read the new Superstar instant seq software is enbeded in the LOR Seq. soft. I can find information in my LOR help on SS, but when I go to Tools Menu and look for Instant Seq it is not there.

Any help Please,


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Just a guess, but maybe you're using the LOR Sequence Editor? You'll have to use LOR SuperStar, not the LOR Sequence Editor.

What does the Tools menu say? If its first few entries are "Select", "Toggle", and "Twinkle", that's the Sequence Editor, not SuperStar. SuperStar's first few entries on its Tools menu are "Scenes", "Morphs", and "Images".

Assuming this is the issue:

You can start up SuperStar in pretty much the same way you started the Sequence Editor. For example, if you started the Sequence Editor by right clicking on the LOR Control Panel (the light bulb icon in your computer's system tray) and selecting "Sequence Editor" from its popup menu, there's another entry on that same popup menu for SuperStar.

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