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Using a light board as primary control of multi-controllers


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I am working with a church who is interested in purchasing a LOR system for next season. We are looking at the potential of 15 x 16 channel control boxes for a total of 240 dmx channels. In addition, light strings/led's, FM transmitter purchased elsewhere.

Can the residential CTB16PC control boxes be controlled solely and directly by an external light board outputting dmx?

I have read through many comments in the forums here and believe it is possible but want to make sure our specific application can work.

They have an MA Lighting GrandMA style light board that outputs dmx 512 that can generate / and playback a time code timeline. The idea is that the board becomes the primary controller of the LOR control boxes and program a show using the timecode programming inherent in the GrandMA. This would be a very handy and easy way of programming a customized show and allow them to integrate their other lighting inventory components to the overall show. (moving lights, LED's)

Output of the console is 5 pin XLR dmx into a series of isolated optical DMX control splitters. From the control splitters to the array of the LOR controllers via 5pin XLR to RJ45 adaptors directly into the LOR boxes.

Some questions:

For those with experience with these controllers, is this possible?

Do the LOR boxes have input / outputs to create a chain or would each box need its own control run from the iso opto splitter?

How do these boxes address? Would the church need to purchase the PC software to assign an address or is there a local rotary / dipswitch setting on the control board of each control box?

Are these control boxes dimmers or non-dim relays? This is important as the GrandMA would need to assign a "fixture type / personality" in order to control the boxes. For example; a 16 channel control box would be recognized by the console as 16 dimmer channels or non-dim relays in order to control them properly.

Given this proposed design for the church, are there any components I might be missing in this equation to complete the control system? If I were to make a shopping list, what parts would I need specifically for the LOR control system?

As far as I can tell the purchase from LOR would just be the residential control boxes (more economical for the church's needs)and the DMX XLR to RJ45 adaptors right?

Is there anything I am missing?

Insights and experience are greatly appreciated.

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I have used MA onPC to control LOR controllers and works fine. You just patch it in the software as a dimmer. LOR controllers are dimmeres. For the most part they act just like a theatrical dimmer when you use DMX. You will just have to build a 5pin XLR to RJ45 adaptor. LOR has two different ways to address the controllers depending on which ones you have. Some have rotary switchs to set the address and some you use the LOR software.


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Thank you Steve. This is most helpful. Exactly the information I was looking for.

Do these boxes have RJ45 pass thru's to daisy chain control or would each box need its own dedicated dmx line? I am trying to get a handle on how many opto splitters.

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