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Unusual Lights Behaviour during Show

Geoff Harvey

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For last nights show, it was wet and I found that lights were on when they were not supposed to be, some were off when they should have been on, and lights seemed to be sticking also. The problems affected multiple controllers across all sequences. I am running 3.02 advanced on 2 networks with a total of about 500 channels and a CCR on a PC running Vista. The problem channels seemed to be confined to the regular network running from a hardware com port with LOR adaptor.

I assumed that the weather had given me one or more bad connections in the 485 (cat 5) chain and tried wriggling the accessible plugs to confirm good seating, but this had no effect. All boards had steard red LEDs. Finally, I decided to disable and then restart the show, (no PC reboot). After the restart - the show ran perfectly for the remainder of the evening - no more wrong lights on, or sticking.

I can only assume that at the initial load of the show player, that there was corruption in the reading of the files and that at the second load, everything was OK.

Has anybody else experienced a problem like this?

Regards Geoff

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Suggestion would be to upgrade, if your license allows, to 3.1.4 as it fixes a number of bugs, including ones in the LOR Control Panel which may/may not cause problems like yours.


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