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DC-MP3 says show not present or invalid card??


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I just got everything hooked up started the drum role in my head and plugged in the SD card only for it to tell me (via the fast blinking E light) that show is not present on the SD card or the SD card is not valid.

When I go through the Simple show builder it places the files on the card, I confirmed this by looking at the card. I put the card in the show builder it gives me that code. When I put the card back in the computer to look at it the files are gone.

I got the card with the player so I would assume that it is compatible. Please help. I am out of my mind anxious to turn this sucker on for my first ever show.


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After further tinkering, I find that the card isn't holding the data. I put something on the card, it shows it. I take the card out, put it back in and there is no data on the card. I have tried with both the lock up and down both the same out come.

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I've had weird things happen and have reformmated the card prior to loading. Make sure you format it as a fat card.

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