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A Diaz Christmas 2011


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Hello LOR folk,

This fall I transferred colleges! I'm now not in Illinois but all the way in California. I go to CalArts and study theatrical lighting design.

This year, for my display back in Chicago, we're running 135 amps of lights, even though we have less than 20k lights. My goal was to make the tree the centerpiece of the display. I wanted to create as much texture as possible on this tree, and to do this used a combination of c7's and c9's to light up the tree. To illuminate the tree I used a combination of 500w par-cans, floods, and LED pars. Because I was using this stage lighting, I had to draw up my space in 1/4" scale and do the photometric work sheeting to determine the lamp size, beam spread and my overall foot-candle output. I did multiple tests on a sample of the tree greenery to see how it would take certain colors and what wattage they must be. We also hung a pipe of Parcans from the house, this provides backlight and once it snows should provide a different color on the ground.



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