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I am curious as to what type of camera and software everyone is using. I see a lot of videos that are pretty good quality that are obviously shot with a hand held.
My video

is not very good quality.
I have tried different modes (i.e. Night time, sports, fireworks) and do not get better results.
I also played with the manual shutter speeds and if I use anything but automatic the LED's fade in and out even when they are on full time.
My camera is a Cannon ZR900 mini DV.
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#1 Don't use Automatic Focus....

#2 Use a tripod...

My camera has a Fireworks mode which works well for mine (Canon MF30)

As for software, I take it you mean Video Editing Software...

I know a lot just use what comes with windows...

I use Corel Video Studio Pro 4X

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I was given a Flip video 2 years ago and I love the thing. All my videos are shot with it. Not too expensive and really just a "point and shoot" camera.
It takes better video than my Sony DSC-H50 (which I use for all the still shots).
As for software, I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Pro 9. It works good for me and is not so complicated that you can't figure out how to get stuff to work although it does have a lot of features and power (which I have yet to explore).

Also the time of day that you shoot can be very important as well as the weather.
So many variables that it is a formatable project (at least for my). I like the simple and easy approach of the Flip although if I can find someone who does video work, then I just may pay them for some quality videos of the display!

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Your video is not that bad like you said, even with a professional camera if you don't know what to do you can have a bad video.
In your video you used a tripod or something that made it not move the camera (good).
If you really want to have a good video, I suggest to record it at the magic hour: when is not night and when is not day (around 5:30pm to 5:50pm or when is not enough dark). Cameras need some lights.

You can see my videos visiting www.gamamediagroup.com/lights
I recorded the videos using a semi pro HD camera and I edited using Final Cut pro and I can adjust the video to make corrections like color, contrast or bright.
I think your video is great, the most important to have a display's videos is to show the lights and is exactly that I see in your video.

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I use an HD Flip cam, on a tri-pod, then edit in Adobe Premier Elements (picked it up 50% off on Cyber Monday).

Now if I could only stop the traffic from getting in the way while recording...

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