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the glitch that stole Christmas


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Drove home after watching the grandson visit Santa to a half illuminated display. :shock:

Scheduler log appeared normal...last entry "Starting animation".

I noticed a message from Norton Security that it had completed a full system scan, even though I disabled all scans and placed it in manual mode.:)

Killed the show and re-enabled the schedule and all worked again.

I will unload Norton tonight. But what about Windows 7? How do I prevent updates and even disable wifi connection to keep this laptop focused?

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Many will use a computer for the show that is NOT connected to the internet, all virus or other programs that may decided to start in their own disabled and etc.

When a computer decides to scan all the files or do automatic updates while the show is running, it can kill the show.

Disconnect or turnoff anything not needed to minimize these problems.

Of course, many of us don't even use the computer for the shows, we use one of the LOR mp3 director products. They work every time all the time. 2007 was the last year I used a "show computer".

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A dedicated show director is in the budget for next year. For now I shut off the WiFi connection in Win7 and found the Norton scan I failed to disable before. I also turned off Windows Auto update.

Is that enough? I hope so.

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