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Lights on Display 2011


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After many years of using AL, I've switched to LOR to control my display. I'm using modified AL controllers that will work with the LOR software, as well as a Servo Dog and DMX controller. I'm very happy with the software, as I was able to program at a much faster pace, and the Servo Dog allowed me to have very precise control with the animatronics, in tandem with a BPS Wizard board. All of the animatronics, as well as the other display elements were handmade by me over the years.

Here is this year's video of my show, I hope you enjoy it!


Attached files 289082=16003-Display group shot.jpg

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Each your my son and I have been watching your videos online and have enjoyed it very much. Welcome to the LOR family, it is great to have such a experienced christmas light nut on board.

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